Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bear with me!

I've updated my blog, deleting a bunch of blogs that I didn't want to be public anymore.  I just read some suggestions on keeping an online presence, so I'm cleaning this one up and will be getting more focused on the purpose of it, which is to get myself out there and known as a writer.
I'm excited and overwhelmed.  I've started reading about what it is going to take to get established and I have so much to learn, but as someone said, "The only failure is to not try."
I'll still add my little stories of life because it's things I like to chronicle anyway, but I'm also going to write about my journey starting from the beginning of what I learn and how I grow in making my dream of becoming a published author true!


  1. I love your blog! I haven't been commenting as much lately, but I do read whatever you put up! I am glad you are going to be writing more ...and look forward to every entry! :)

  2. Thank you for visiting again, you are very kind:) I had been thinking of you too and awhile back you had left another comment, but I was having computer trouble so I couldn't reply back. I'm on track now though, and happily re-entering the blogosphere!

  3. There are SO many amazing and awesome people out there with writing blogs. SO many!! Thrilled you're jumping in.

    1. I had stopped blogging for awhile because I just wasn't connecting with other bloggers with similar interests, minus a few. Now I've finally started stumbling on some great blogs and it is getting exciting! Thanks for joining mine!