Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm okay!

Sorry about dropping off the face of the blogger world, but I'll probably won't be around much for awhile. A couple of weeks ago my husband discovered that we are going into a deja vu of 6 years ago, meaning we have to move or he's out of job. I feel like a mama bird without a nest, knowing I have to leave, but not knowing where I will make a new home for my little fledglings. I could go on a little rant about the corporate world here- because we find out through the news what is going to happen to the company and how our lives are going to be turned upside down. How they are so concerned about the bottom line that they will toss out hardworking employees in a small city with no prospects and tell them it will be okay. But we are the lucky ones- the other 1000 people don't have the option to move. So I must pack up my family, leave my job, rip my kids away from friends and family (grandparents who followed us on the first move), and start over again in a strange city. What can we do but be grateful this is the worst thing we have to complain about. So thanks to Elise and Linda, who sent out messages to keep in touch, I am still thinking of you too. Maybe when the dust settles I will pick up this blog again, and write too, but 'til then. . .wishing all of you well. Honey/Rose