Sunday, February 3, 2013

Books made into Movies

For some reason I can't remember, I had an urge to read a romance by the famous Nicholas Sparks. I've never read one of his books before, and I don't usually like romance, but I figured all those people must like him for something. I bought the nook version of the Lucky One and couldn't put it down, finishing it in three days. Not only was the romance slow and believable, but there was another side to the story that made it almost a thriller/action genre too. It kind of is where I'm aspiring to get my novel to.

Anyway, on the third day of reading the book and finishing it, I rushed out to rent the movie. What a disappointment! It was sooo different from the book it was barely recognizable, and while Zach Effron played the character acceptably, I couldn't stand the female lead. She was high strung and unlikable. Anyway, I finished up the movie feeling like I had wasted 1-2 hours of my time, and I hate wasting time.

As for the other movies based on his books, I'm sorry, I never liked the Notebook and Dear John left me scratching my head. (You don't need to marry someone to help them out while they're sick)

Here's the question- How do you feel about books that are made into movies? Personally, I prefer to read the book first- how about you? Any movies that completely ruined the book, or vice versa. . . made it even better? On that last question, I'm a big fan of two Jane Austen based movies, Emma and Sense and Sensibility.

Finally, I know I fell off the radar over the last few weeks, but I'm feeling great now and slowly getting back into my routine. I'll see you in the rounds and on Wednesday for the ISWG!