Wednesday, July 2, 2014

IWSG post

My first post after who knows how long with the IWSG! Glad to be back.

What am I insecure about? Where do I start. . .

I think I struggle most with why am I wasting my time. I could say that regardless of if I ever get published, or let's be honest, even land an agent, I write just for me. But the truth is, I do want to be successful as a writer. I had no idea when I started a few years ago that it would be so difficult.

My husband is supportive, but I have children, a job, a home to maintain. How do I justify spending hours writing, reading, or critiquing when there is no guaranteed payoff. I really don't want fame, or even fortune (although I wouldn't mind a little money). I guess I just want validation. The right to say I'm a writer.

I've sent off a few short stories. Rejection. I've entered a few writing contests in the blogosphere. Not even an honorable mention. I've had a few writers critique my work. Nicely worded but god-awful. I've tried giving up, but here I am again because I have a story I have to tell.

Don't worry. I'm not depressed. I have an amazing life in every other aspect, but I just want to write too! I see others get agents, get published, win awards, and while I'm happy for them- I wish it could be me.


Well, I'm off to visit some others. Have a great month! See you then :)