Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wow! It's October already!

I just realized my last post was back in March. How time flies!

A lot has happened since then for me and my family. We've moved and are now settled in our new home near the beach on the east coast. It's a beautiful, historic area with endless things to do, both indoors and out. After I established myself at the local library, I found a pamphlet on the area's writer memberships and conferences. They were holding a free flash fiction workshop at the library and were holding a weekend conference literally 5 minutes from my house! I'm excited to be in an area that is supportive of the arts at last!

Now if only I were writing :(

That will come with time. . .meanwhile I dabbled with painting a little. Just for myself and my family's enjoyment. Which explains the mermaid painting for my daughter, who is currently obsessed with mermaids. Next up will be a horse. (Also an obsession)

Another event to report is that I returned to Ecuador with my family this summer. It was my first trip back in 8 years and it was wonderful. Now I'm determined to retire there early when my youngest finishes school. I have a long time to go but I can dream in the meantime :)

I'm really looking forward to hearing from all of you in my long lost cyber writing world, and of hearing of your latest adventures too. I'll be making my rounds. .