Sunday, March 27, 2011

Camping in Greenville

Well, I was going to share some amazing photos of hiking through the hills of Paris Mountain State Park, but as you can see, that is not going to happen.  What did happen over the weekend was pouring rain.  ALL day long.  On the positive side, it did NOT pour rain while my husband set up the trailer and when he hitched it back up again on Sunday.  So we agreed the lousy weekend could have been worse.

By the way, it didn't just rain.  The temperature dropped and we were pitifully underdressed because it was beyond need a sweater cold, it was need a coat cold.  And then the heat on our 2 year old camper stopped working, and then the refrigerator.  (Sigh) 

Well, all in all, we are in good spirits, and as my husband pointed out, we didn't get a flat tire.

So how was your weekend? 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring flowers!

This lonely little tulip is my first bloom from the bulbs we planted last fall.  The others are following slowly.

The spectacular wisteria making its' appearance.

The romantic Spanish moss blowing in the spring breezes.

And last but not least, the camellia which has been blooming since January is beginning to fade.  This is just the beginning of spring spectacular in lovely S. Carolina!  This weekend we'll be camping in Greenville for the first time, and also the first camping trip of the year.  Looking forward to that!  Happy Monday to you all!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Funny 4 year old stories

So we stayed in a hotel this past weekend and I have not one, but two funny elevator stories.

My husband and I loaded all our luggage up onto one of the hotel carts in the carport, at which he asked if I would be okay while he parked.  I foolishly said yes, and off I went, with the cart and my 10 and 4 year old girls in tow.  We got to the elevator and when the door opened, a young guy got off and my 4 year old ran in while I attempted in vain to maneuvar the luggage cart in after her.  As I struggled with the cart, with my 10 year old and the young guy from the elevator watching the circus unfold, the doors began to close and panic set in.  By the time I got to the door it had already closed and I pushed the button in the hopes it would reopen.  Thankfully it did, and my wide-eyed daughter quickly exited the elevator without a word, at which time we all got on, Izzy for the second time, while the young guy held the door.  Whew! 

Second story-  This time we are leaving, and my husband, who never wants to make any extra work if at all possible, decided it would be better to load us all up with luggage instead of going for the cart.  So even Izzy, the 4 year old, had a pink teddy bear and a princess suitcase on wheels which she pushed in front of her instead of pulling it behind.  We all made it onto the elevator, including my husband, who immediately disappeared and never looked back when the doors reopened, while I was left to try to get the kids off the elevator.  The 10 year old was holding the door and holding another carry-on sized bag with wheels while my 4 year old, still pushing the princess suitcase, tried ramming it into the one her sister was holding as if by doing so repeatedly it would magically go through it.  I tried to take it from her but was curtly told in a brief tug of war,  "I do it by myself."  I gave up and exited, and with me gone she had enough room to go around the other suitcase and they followed me off.  By the way, another man was waiting for us and my 10 year old said he was twiddling his thumbs.  Yeah, it's that bad!

Then as we were getting into the van, Izzy started to have a meltdown about something, and I made the offhand remark,  "Well, someone doesn't have good coping skills."  At that she pulled herself together, stopped whining, and in a shocked tone asked,  "Who?"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

South Carolina, Home Sweet Home!

I make no claims to be a photographer.  I should have taken this picture about a week ago, when the tree was full of these blooms, and minus the electric wires, and on a sunny day.  But aside from these mistakes, I'm in love with this tree, and to expose my ignorance, I don't know what it is, but I want it.

We moved to S. Carolina from Wisconsin about 4 years ago, and I love it here.  I feel like I always should have lived here.  The climate is incredible, and spring is spectacular.  Just wait til the wisteria bloom!  I'll post pictures of those when they do.  Even in winter there is a bush/tree, camelia I think, that blooms rose-like blossoms in red or pink.  I want that too.  Plus we have the beach.

The people are great here too.  Most are poor and humble.  They still open doors for you, even the young guys with the pants hanging below the crotch!  They say, yes ma'am and yes sir still, and all the women call you "Honey", or "Sweetie", which I find endearing.

Southern food is great too.  I can't eat the fried stuff though because it doesn't agree with me, and they fry everything!  The BBQ is out-of-this-world though; much more to my taste than the northern variety.  It does not have the red sauce, but is vinegar based with a touch of heat to it.  Then there is the collard greens, black-eyed peas, and the dessert you find everywhere- pudding with bananas and vanilla wafers.  It's all simple but I love it all.

We are heading into spring now and the pictures I post will show how beautiful it is here.  That's all for today!