Wednesday, January 11, 2017


"Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." - George Bernard Shaw

I actually really like this quote. Who hasn't at some point realized that everything they thought they knew was totally wrong? I've kind of gone through life learning this lesson over and over again. Guess I had to learn the hard way!

I was hoping to have a book review to post on but because of technical difficulties I still haven't finished. This is why I still prefer the good, old-fashioned paper books. First, my credit card expired, so when I tried updating it, I went into an endless loop on the website and had to play around with it until it finally went through. Then, my charger broke, so the tablet died and I had to wait until I got to the store to buy a new one. Finally, I just consistently forget to charge things, so I pick up my tablet to read only to find it's almost dead and I have to wait until the batteries charged again. Aargh!!

I still just really love the feel of real books anyway. It's comforting to me- like having a cup of hot chocolate on a snowy day!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

ISWG post for January 2017

A writer's group that supports one another every first Wednesday of the month in all our fears and insecurities. Click on the link to join.

The prompt for this month is what writing rule do we wish we never heard of. Mine would be to not switch point of view. I don't get that one because I've read so many great novels that switch and I think it adds depth and fullness to the story. It must be done with care, but I think that rule needs to be tossed!

I have been continuing to work on my memoir, thanks to all the support and encouragement I get here every month. I'm up to 18,000 words, and my goal is to hit 50,000 before I start tweeking it for submission. I've been preparing for that moment for years, and had some dry runs, but this time around I have a lot more at stake. I just have to keep working at it, and this month I'm proud to report I have been.

Every week I post a quote and inspirational picture to try to stay positive. I get my ideas and quotes from National Geographic's Daily Peace book. The great thing about the book is it's not date related, so every year I can just start over again. January's theme is Transition, and the quote I chose for this week is,

"True progress quietly and persistently moves along without notice." St. Francis de Sales

This applies to much more in my life than just writing!

Look forward to seeing you on the ISWG rounds this month.