Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Don't call it a dream, call it a plan

My post title is a quote from a calender hanging in my house. It's my new motto.

I've been subscribing to the backpacker's magazine for over a year now but I'm no closer to actually going on a trip. But no worries, it's not such a stretch for me. I've camped my whole life, although it has come to camping in a fully equipped trailer over the past several years. I've also hiked my whole life, but not both together.

The thought of backpacking, while conjuring romantic pictures of sitting in a flowering meadow on a mountain while holding a cup of steaming coffee, is probably going to be pouring rain, bug bites, and shivering through the night and wishing I packed that warm sweater. And that scares me. That and my limited budget. Buying every conceivable need is expensive, so my plan is to start with baby steps. Small trips, purchases well thought out, and getting back into physical shape.

Does any of this involve writing? Of course it does, but mostly just finding some way to disconnect from the frantic life I lead and find peace again. I long for that.

So what are your plans?


  1. You just described why I will never backpack.
    But if life is that frantic, it sounds like you need to disconnect for a bit. Start with a day hike and work your way up.
    Good to hear from you, Tess.

    1. Lol! Yeah, it's not for everyone, but the best things in my life were always outdoors. Glad to be back, and thanks for visiting!

  2. I'm so NOT a backpacking type of person.
    Hope you get lots of words down when you're out and about. Nature has that inspirational effect...
    ((Ubuntu Hugs))

  3. Taking baby steps is smart. That's what I try to do for my own goals, even though the perfectionist in me wishes I could push myself to do more, haha. Best of luck finding some peace!

    1. Yeah, I get that! Mostly I just wish I had more time.