Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meet Mocha!

This is Mocha, our pet bunny.  When we first got him I could hold him like this in the palm of my hand.

He's half lop-eared bunny and half regular as you can see.  One ear is up, the other down.  All the time.  His favorite hobbies are digging when he's outside and eating carrots!

An update on little Annie, the puppy we fostered.  She is doing fine now, and she is in another foster home until she goes to a rescue up north.  Unfortunately, her brother, who was looking good, didn't make it.  But that is the tragedy of  these tiny puppies at the shelter; they just don't have the immune system to survive when an illness passes through. 


  1. He is so cute!! Now I really want one. Do you keep him in the house? Or is he just outside?

    I don't know if my Bengal cat would get along with a bunny or not? He is friendly around other cats and our dog, but he does have wild blood in him....

    How big is he? He looks so soft and adorable.

    Thank you so much for posting photos of him :)

    xx Juli~

  2. He is indoors, in a cage most of the time. We wanted to have him free roaming but we have another furry member who is interested in hunting him, so that didn't work out. But he does have a run outside that we put him in and I would like to buy him a rabbit coop eventually so when the weather permits he can just stay out. He was our first pet rabbit, but I would recommend a female because he sprays pee to mark. (I'm guessing the girls don't do that.) They can be litter box trained too!

  3. What a cute bunny! I love Mocha's ears.



  4. This is definitely one giant bunny...
    Gosh he is HUGE...

    By the way, the name Mocha fits him to a tee...

  5. Yes, he got pretty big, especially when he stretches out and lays down! Nice to see you again Bear Wife!

  6. Awww so cute, it's amazing how quickly pets grow, we got two kittens in the summer the size of your palm and now they are two huge, wild monsters!

  7. Aww..what a cute bunny! I'm most likely to keep track of Mocha - he reminds me of our beloved family pet rabbit! :)

  8. way too cute! we used to have bunnies when we lived in Miami years ago! Oh they were so much fun! Have fun with him!

  9. Welcome JadeLD and Bren to my blog! Sorry for the lapse in time, I was on vacation and too busy to check my blog. I never would have guessed that pictures of our bunny would be so popular! But he is awfully cute!

    Ode to Motherhood- Mocha is awfully sweet too, he flops down to be petted even if he is happily running around outside. Do you still have your bunny?