Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sun, oh Sun. . Where Are You?

This is my Claude Monet mug, which I usually use in winter months because this is pretty much what it looks like outside.  Even so, Monet makes it look dreamy and appealing, and for that ability he is my favorite artist.  I love impressionistic art;  because it takes what's real and blurs it into this beautiful, hazy world.

Honestly, I don't get modern art, just like I struggle with appreciating poetry.  I don't want to guess what the artist/writer meant, I want to KNOW what he/she meant.  Plus, with art, I want to see that the artist actually has the ability to draw before I believe that they are truly an artist.  It shouldn't be questionable.  Not that I'm an expert, but I do know what I like and what I don't like.

Anyway, I noticed my recipe seemed to be a hit, so I thought you might enjoy this addition.  Taking the same recipe for pico de gallo, you can make guacamole that I've even had Mexicans rave over.

Recipe for guacamole

1 small Hass avocado to 1 heaping Tbsp of pico de gallo
salt to taste
(sometimes I add a splash of lemon juice if it needs it)

The trick with picking the best avocados is the squish test.  If it's too soft, it's no good.  It should give just slightly under your squeeze, but if there are none like that, buy the rock hard ones and leave them on the counter for a day or two and they will be perfect!  Enjoy!


  1. I love avocado!! ill try making this guacamole - yummm.. ill have to search for pico de gallo first

    my dad paints and my house is full of his paintings, they truly mean so much to be.. your cup reminded me of him because he will often look at a monet for inspiration

  2. Eva Marie- Thanks for visiting my blog! Check out my previous blog for the recipe on pico de gallo, it's nice and easy! And I agree with you on the avocado; it's like butter on a tree!

    That's really neat your dad paints; Does he make a living at it, or is it a hobby?

  3. I think my favorite surprise was when I found out Picasso had this very traditional training. If you see some of his earliest works it's so different than what he did in the middle and later part of his life.

  4. Hello Elisa- I think I vaguely recall that from an Art of the Western world class I took for my nursing degree. It was SOO interesting. If only one didn't need pesty things like money I could have taken many more of those kind of classes!