Sunday, March 27, 2011

Camping in Greenville

Well, I was going to share some amazing photos of hiking through the hills of Paris Mountain State Park, but as you can see, that is not going to happen.  What did happen over the weekend was pouring rain.  ALL day long.  On the positive side, it did NOT pour rain while my husband set up the trailer and when he hitched it back up again on Sunday.  So we agreed the lousy weekend could have been worse.

By the way, it didn't just rain.  The temperature dropped and we were pitifully underdressed because it was beyond need a sweater cold, it was need a coat cold.  And then the heat on our 2 year old camper stopped working, and then the refrigerator.  (Sigh) 

Well, all in all, we are in good spirits, and as my husband pointed out, we didn't get a flat tire.

So how was your weekend? 


  1. Sorry to hear it rained on your camping trip but it's part of the experience - rain or shine. Luckily, you have a trailer! Better luck next time with picture taking. :)

    Oh, I can't wait to go camping with the kids this summer!

  2. Yeah, I was really feeling sorry for the tent campers- I've been there myself and it is not fun. Most of them just packed up and went home!

  3. Now that was a camping trip you will never forget! The next one is bound to be an improvement.

  4. I agree. We've always wound up with amazing weather prior to that, so it was going to happen sooner or later. Fortunately we were near a city so we spent some time at the mall. We only have a tiny camper and everyone was getting cranky!