Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Azaleas take over the spring!

These are azaleas from my own bush out front.  They are all over down here and are as beautiful from a distance as they are up close.  When I picked these this morning they still had the morning dew on them and they looked as though they had sparkles.  Paired with my favorite summer coffee mug I can't wait for it to be beach weather!  It has been very warm, in the 80's already, but it takes a little longer to warm up at the beach.  The sea breezes that keep it comfortable during the hottest days of summer make it quite cool still this time of year.  When I was fresh from Wisconsin it would have been warm enough, but now I'm just like everyone else from the south, and I need it HOT!

This actually was grooming victim #2, and no, Dudley didn't shrink.  I forgot to take a before picture, but I was so afraid of messing her up I didn't take too much off.  This is Maddy, my parents' 6 lb. maltese, and she's so naturally cute I don't think I could make her look bad.  The biggest change with her was I trimmed her ears and tail because the previous groomer had left them ridiculously long, but in their defense my dad probably didn't explain it good.  She had been shaved too short once and wound up looking like a white chihuahua.

I'll try to get to Dudley this weekend.  He's looking miserably hot under that furry coat, and we haven't even hit the really hot weather.

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