Thursday, April 19, 2012

Great places to retire

For the second time in the past couple of months Ecuador has been featured on Yahoo as a great place to retire.  It's inexpensive, relatively safe and stable, and beautiful (might I add).  I'm soo excited about the good publicity it's been receiving, and I'm looking forward to going back for a visit next year.

We are actually saving money to buy property there in the mountains, near Otavalo.  My dream would be to build a complex with two cottages to start a bed and breakfast.

Inflation has changed things, (I lived there over fifteen years ago), but can you believe I lived off of 1000 dollars in a year!  There is crime, as there is anywhere, but most of it is pickpocket, stealing type of crimes, and in the three years I lived there, I never had a problem.  In fact, I had accidentally left my wallet with money and a credit card in a taxi in Quito, which has taxis like N.Y. city, and I got it back!  The driver found my information and called the contact number, returning everything to me!  (I gave him the money as a reward!)

It is an amazing country, and my enthusiasm for it has been renewed.  Go Ecuador!

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