Monday, April 23, 2012

Novel synopsis

Set in the jungles of the Amazon, Kate Wilson begins work as a volunteer nurse in a small clinic only to discover that the town is an agricultural source of the coca plant.  Fresh out of high school, Kate struggles to find her place in the world until a trip to South America leads to a chance encounter with a stranger, followed by her witnessing a tragedy.  Pulled into the tragic events that unfolded before her, and left with the idea planted by the stranger, she discovers her calling in life, to be a nurse working as a volunteer.  Her life in the rainforest takes an unexpected turn when the government steps in to wipe out the drugs being grown and the cartel seeks retribution.  Things become more complicated when the doctor she works with and has fallen for, risks his life to protect her.  Will he get her out in time?

My bio is that I lived in South America for three years, including one in the rainforest.  I am currently working part time as a Register Nurse.


  1. Honey, I'll read the first 3 chapters and let you know from there whether I'm a good beta reader for you. If I can't get into something I'm reading, I choose not to give my opinion--because what I can't get into, someone else my devour...including an agent. You can find my email address on my blog if you want to test me out as a beta. :)

  2. You are so awesome! (Hugs) If you stop reading it's okay to tell me why, including if it's just not your style, I can take it:) (I've learned a long time ago not to take things personally)

  3. I'm laughing at the parent/kid comment you just made on my blog, LOL.

    And Honey, I'd be happy to read for you. I was just going to suggest I read the first 3 or so chapters too to see if I can even be of help. I am a YA fantasy/contemporary girl at heart (it's what I write) so I'm not sure what kind of help I'll be to you. It sounds literary? Which I hardly ever read, but I do have a pretty good eye. You tell me! :D

  4. So excited you'll look at it. (More hugs) I love your writing! Literary? I like the sound of that but I'm a little fuzzy on which genre I fit in exactly. I started it out as a YA but I think it got a little to deep to stay there. I'll send it out right now!