Friday, March 2, 2012

Been tagged

So I've been tagged over here by Emily Rose.  I think it's kind of a fun way to learn about people so these are the rules.  Give 11 facts about myself, then answer 11 questions.  Make up questions and then tag 11 other people.

11 facts about myself.  Hmm!

1.  I used to play the harp when I was a kid.
2.  I'm insanely crazy about animals, any kind.  My favorite place to be in the whole world is the zoo.
3.  I love the outdoors.
4.  I'm addicted to CNN.
5.  I love ice cream and pizza.
6.  I wish I could downhill ski for a profession.  Okay and maybe write professionally too.
7.  I have a lot of dreams about what I want to do when I'm grown up.  Oh wait!  I am a grown up!  Well, I still dream.
8.  I kiss my kids all the time, even in public:)
9.  I procrastinate and I'd be late for everything if my husband wasn't shoving me out the door.
10.  I hate seeing anyone or anything suffer.
11.  I'm not a very good driver.

There!  That was harder than I thought it would be.

Ok now for the 11 questions I'll be answering.

1.  Would I give my life for someone (outside of family/friends)?  Yes.  I hope I have the courage if the need arises.
2.  Gone With the Wind.  I hate the ending.  (And all the prejudiced parts!)
3.  Have I done things I wish I could change?  Let me see, where do I start.
4.  Would I rather have skunks or termites?  Hmm, neither I guess.
5.  A book that made me happy?  Anne of Green Gables or Pride and Prejudice.
6.  A Movie that made me sad?  Schindler's List.
7.  Would I rather be rich and alone or poor and with company?  That's hard because if I had money I could be a philanthropist, but I wouldn't trade my family for riches.
8.  No I don't journal, but I wish I did.
9.  Yes I have pets, too many in fact.
10.  Favorite part of the house?  In front of the fireplace.
11.  I prefer country over city, but I've always lived in the city!

Next-  questions from me, but I don't think I'll do so many.

1.  If money were no object, where would you go?
2.  Cats?  or Dogs?
3.  Which would you rather read- science fiction, romance, mystery, or action?
4.  Where would you rather be- at the mall, or at the beach?
5.  If someone gave you $1000 dollars- what would you do with it?

Okay-  If anyone wants to participate, feel free to join in at the comment section.  I'm going to tag the following bloggers, so please check out their blogs and follow them!

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Have a great weekend!


  1. You're not a very good driver? Really? I don't think so... I feel fine driving with you. And I'm picky!

  2. Well, maybe you haven't been with me enough! As the 5 year old puts it, "If you're the good driver, (as compared to the Dad) how come you've had all the accidents?"

  3. Thanks for sharing all these details about yourself.

    Are you still interested in doing a spotlight interview for the Kelworth Files?

    1. Absolutely! Sounds like fun- just let me know when.

  4. For fun! Thanks SO much for the tag... Seriously so nice! And I love Anne of Green Gables... One of my fav places ever is PEI and Nova Scotia--that's so where'd I'd go again if money was no object ;) I'm not an animal person, romance always, definitely the beach, and I'd buy... Books! Lol. I'll make sure and do a thank you tag in a future post... Thanks, girl! :D

    1. Thanks for participating:) And you're welcome for the tag!

  5. Thanks for thinking of me. You used to play the harp? I think that's so cool. My sister in law plays.

  6. Enjoyed reading your answers!

    Sorry I'm so late in replying--thank you for the tag! :)

  7. No problem! And thanks for stopping by:)

  8. Wanted to let you know I did a mini shout out/thank you on my blog today ;) <3 ya girl :D