Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A few of my favorite things

Any Wisconsinite knows about Door County.  Playground of the rich, this is the thumb part of the mitten shaped state.  This mug carries memories of a trendy Mom and Pop coffee shop located there.  Picture Starbucks with a personal touch and great bakery.

My memory is a winter one of visiting my parents when they used to live there, and we were a mere three and half hour drive from Wauwatosa.  Our youngest daughter wasn't born yet and the oldest was still a preschooler, and we would steal away first thing in the morning, just my husband and I, to have our coffee and scones at the coffee shop.  We'd get the table with the window seat, and sip our coffee while watching the snow come down.  (Sigh)  I do miss the snow, but not the cold, which really doesn't make sense but that's the truth.

We were relocated to South Carolina 4 years ago, and I'm truly a big fan of this state, but I'll include pictures later in the spring because right now everything is dead and ugly. 

Here's another favorite thing.

I know this is silly, but I'm truly addicted to cheesy, stinky baby feet.  The picture is blurry because my camera is cheap and a 4 year old will NEVER sit perfectly still.  But I will miss the baby feet, which will be gone too soon.  (Another sigh) 

What are some of your favorite things?


  1. First off, I clicked on your pic from MBC because of the dog! Secondly, Husband and I visited Door County last year for our 15 year anniversary. I want to go back!

    Thirdly, stinky baby feet are wonderful! Love 'em! But my baby is now 6 years old and I won't smell those tootsies anymore! ;)

    Drop by my blog if you get a chance (We live in Wisconsin!) and FYI, my BFF just moved to S. Carolina last summer. :( We have a lot in common! :)

  2. Wow, that's crazy, we do have a lot in common! By the way, I gottcha on the not smelling the six year olds' feet. We call our ten year old's feet toxic waste dumps, worsened by the fact that she doesn't like wearing socks in her tennis shoes. I try to make her but she sneaks by without them whenever she can.

  3. Little fingers and toes are my favorite! I also love the dimples that are their knuckles when kids are small.

    I love the wierd things they say. Yesterday my daughter was watching tv and said "oh no he got hit in the peanuts! that is going to leave a mark!" made me laugh.

    kathleen xx

  4. I love their scones; I also remember that they had this chocolate/vanilla cookie like thingies that look like biscottis; I almost ordered one with my coffee until I saw the picture of a dog; ...... “fancy” dogs treats ....why?

  5. AAaah! Dear sweet anonymous, who I will expose as my husband! That would have been funny to see you eat that.

  6. It would probably have still tasted good dunked in coffee! I would have liked to see "Anonymous" (my sister's husband, aka my brother-in-law) eat that, too. Hee, hee!