Saturday, January 22, 2011

One of those mornings

Does anyone else have trouble becoming functional in the morning?

My husband and I have collected coffee mugs over the years, until they became too plentiful, and I pick my coffee mug to match my mood for the day.  Needless to say, the above pictured mug is one of my favorites.

The other morning I got out of bed, moderately blind without my glasses, and in the morning light I saw the form of glasses on top of the TV, so I put them on.  They turned out to be my 4 year olds sunglasses, so I removed them and went in search of the real ones, which I have a habit of putting in different places not always easy to find, especially when you are sight impaired without them.


We made cherry pie the other night.  All from scratch.  I've been going through a baking cookbook recipe by recipe for years now (same style as the Julie and Julia, minus the daily part of it, and the blog, and the fame, movie, money, etc.), but it's something I do with the kids.  It used to be fun, but last night it turned into a sibling rivalry, tear-filled preteen blowout and my husband had to intervene.  It used to be easy;  I just got her some milk, snuggled up with her on the couch with a book, and she adored me.  Now I don't understand her, I'm not fair, and I just don't get it. 

I'm not perfect, but sometimes I think maybe I try just a little too hard, because life isn't always fair.  There is a 6 year age difference between the two, and they are in such different places, I didn't think I was going to need a psychology degree to get through this.  She's only ten, but I'm going to try my hardest to get her through the teenage years as happily as possible.  Any advice out there?


  1. Hi Honey

    I suppose it's hard to be a mother...let
    alone a good one. People in general are
    hard to are either not fair
    enough...not good enough...not understanding
    enough..not this...not that....You can never
    please enough !

    I'm not a mother but I can understand what
    you're going through. Someone once taught me
    the importance of being yourself. When the
    world isn't satisfied with you, you know
    at least there's one person who will look
    into the mirror and with great satisfaction
    say " I did my best , given my resources
    today"...Believe me, you'll be happier this
    way. A happy mum makes happy family

  2. Too true, too true. I just want her to look back someday and know how I love her and that I did my best.

  3. My girls have a 6 year age difference, too, and share a room, which can be interesting, as it was this weekend when my 11 yr old had a friend for a sleepover. For sibling rivalry, I essentially remind the 11 year old that she gets to do a LOT more than her little sister and that she had plenty of parental attention when she was small. The rivalry tends to be worse between the 9 yr old boy and the 5 year old girl; they fight often. We tell them if they fight they have to go to their rooms, but sometimes it's definitely one of them provoking it deliberately. OK, that was a LOT longer than I intended! Parenting is haarrrdd:)

  4. I'm so honored! That's Margaret Dilloway folks, published author of How to be an American Housewife! Thank you for visiting my brand new blog- and yes, that sounds exactly like me with my girls. I just look at new mothers dressing up their babies like they are at play with a doll and I think, the hard part is yet to come!