Friday, January 28, 2011

Shelter Animals

I took some pictures of some of the animals at the shelter.  It's heartbreaking to see them in these conditions, and the new shelter's finish date got postponed again, so they will be here until the end of Feb. now.  I got involved to educate my children and to teach them about giving back, and fortunately the shelter we go to is dedicated to rehoming the animals rather than euthanizing, which is why I can handle going there.

A view of the kennels- these are the indoor ones.  The cold outside is separated by the gray plywood door behind the dog (which is the sweetest bird dog by the way!)  The floor is unsealed concrete which has created an issue of disease with the animals, despite their best efforts to clean them daily.

The puppies just keep coming.  After we fostered a litter for the weekend, all these showed up!  There are still 2 left from the litter we took care of, one of whom is pictured below.

That's sweet little Annie, always in need of a bath.

I read an article in the local paper about a neighboring shelter that is overwhelmed with unwanted animals.  It got almost 4000 cats and dogs last year and 1300 went to rescues.  While some were adopted, the rest were euthanized.  It is a crime really, so unbelievably irresponsible of us, the human race, to be killing healthy, sweet animals for no reason!  I don't really see a solution, and all I would like is for people to give thought to recycling.  Yes, recycling used and unwanted dogs or cats.  Pedigrees are beautiful, but there is nothing like a mutt whose life you've saved looking into your eyes with that unconditional love!

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