Monday, February 13, 2012

How to Bathe a Cat

This is just my version of the How to give a cat medicine, humourous note, based on true events from this weekend.  All cat owners are probably wondering WHY on earth an inexperienced cat owner would even attempt such an act, but there is a reason for my madness.  This is the first (and probably only) bath I've given him since bringing Willow home from the Humane Society Shelter.  The Shelter is filthy (or rather was filthy, more on that later) and I felt it in his best interest to clean him.

1.  Start with three people and cat.
2.  Pour water over cat with one hand while holding cat with the other.
3.  Hold cat with two hands, involving second person to pour water over cat.
4.  Call husband to come help.
5.  With husband holding cat, rub in cat shampoo.
6.  Send 4th person to retrieve cat, console injured husband.
7.  Resume rinsing quickly while wiping splashing water from glasses so you can see. 
8.  Send 3rd person to grab a towel.
9.  Wrap up cat, assess bloody injuries on husband, look for bandaids.

I don't think we will attempt that again.

On an extremely happy note, we moved the animals from the sad, dumpy, dirty old shelter into the long awaited opening of the new shelter.  There were so many people that volunteered to help we had a caravan of probably 100 cars with a police escort to take them:)  It was so wonderful to see how many people care about these animals!

Anyway, on writing and reading.  I returned two unfinished books to the library.  I used to have a thing that if I started a book, I had to finish it, no matter how much I hated it.  But my time is so limited these days, that if it's not catching my interest I just want to look elsewhere.  How do you feel about that?


  1. I used to finish all my books too but now I don't. I agree with you. There is too much to do and too many books to read. I usually give it a REALLY good try though because I feel guilty if I can't finish it.

    We used to bathe our cats frequently. It cut way down on allergens. They do get used to it.

  2. I used to be the same way about books. If I started one I had to finish it no matter what, but now I've decided why waste my time suffering through a book I don't like when my list of book to read it like a million miles long!

  3. As writers we all understand the importance of hooking a reader from the beginning. I apply the same to reading. If I am not hooked within 20 pages, I believe the story is somehow flawed and will move on (I'm pleased to say this rarely happens.) :-)

    It's wonderful that you had such a good turnout for the animal shelter.

  4. S.P. Bowers- Good to know about the cats. We have a lot of allergies here and I was hoping to give him a bath regularly to help with that. Just not so sure the hubby will help again!

    Christy Farmer- Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I guess I've started wanting the book to give me something in return for the time I've put into it. Something memory worthy, and plus I'm trying to research to see what sells and to learn from good writers.

    Amanda- I agree with that! There are so many good books, and new ones all the time. Why waste time with one that's a chore to get through.

  5. Aww, Willow is gorgeous. And, I've never met a cat who likes to be bathed yet. Fortunately they keep themselves fiarl clean. Unlike dogs. Our two dogs are actually at the groomers as I type this. Our cat has never needed a bath.

    SO many books, so little time...I am willing to bail out on a lousy book by page 10. If I'm on the fence, I might give it until page 50. But 9 times out of 10, I end up regretting not stopping at page 10.

    Nice to meet you on the Campaign trail. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I'm your newest follower.
    And, Happy Valentine's Day!


  6. I'm with you on returning unfinished books. Time is precious!! And I came close to tears of laughter from reading your attempts to wash a cat. lol.